Your tattoo can take 7-14 days to look healed, but up to a month for the tattoo to be fully healed below the surface. Remember that your tattoo is an open wound, and should be treated as such during the healing process. Keep your tattoo clean, ensuring your hands and anything else your tattoo comes into contact with is also clean.


Post-Tattoo Advice

  • We suggest removing the bandage after 1-2 hours 
  • Gently wash your new tattoo with warm water and a mild non-scented antibacterial soap. Ensure that you do not scrub or rub the tattoo, and softly pat dry afterward.
  • Allow your tattoo to air for 10-15 minutes.
  • Apply a thin layer of After care Cream to your tattoo. It is important not to over cream your new tattoo, as it will need to breathe in order to heal.
  • Re-apply a thin layer of the After care Cream 2-5 times daily, whenever it starts to feel or look dry, for approximately 2 weeks. This will keep your tattoo moist and prevent it from scabbing.
  • DO NOT pick or scratch your new tattoo! Not only can this can lead to an infection and delay your healing time, but you can also scar your skin and ruin your tattoo.
  • DO NOT wear tight or dirty clothing over your new tattoo, as they may stick to the tattoo and damage the healing skin. Loose fitting clothes are best.
  • Avoid swimming or soaking it in water for 3-4 weeks to avoid bacteria & chlorine.
  • After showering, ensure you gently pat dry your new tattoo, DO NOT rub.
  • AVOID DIRECT SUNLIGHT - cover up with loose fitting clothing and always use SPF 30+ when outdoors. Sunburn & sun exposure can scar and fade your tattoo
  • Activities causing excessive sweating, such as gym workouts and saunas should also be avoided during the healing process.