About Us

Since our inception in 1996, we've become a nationally recognized brand with 22 stores across Australia. While piercing and tattooing are at the core of what we do, they also form the foundation of our culture developed over the past 25 years in the industry.

Ensuring the safety, happiness, and unique experience of each customer and crew member stepping into our studios is of utmost importance to us.

Each Punktured Studio is equipped with top-tier equipment, adheres to the safest hygiene practices, and our team ensures your comfort, as every client is an integral part of our crew.

Best Piercing Studios in Australia

Best Piercing Studio in Australia for Exceptional and Professional Piercing Services. Our Expert Piercers Ensure Safety, Quality, and Creative Expertise for Your Unique Piercing Experience.

Quality Tattoo Studios

Finest Tattoo Studios in Australia, Where Artistry Meets Excellence. Our Skilled Tattoo Artists Deliver Unparalleled Craftsmanship, Innovative Designs, and a Commitment to Your Ultimate Tattoo Vision.

Online Body Jewellery

Shop the Premier Online Body Jewellery Store in Australia for High-Quality Pieces. Our Diverse Collection of Body Jewellery, Delivered Straight to Your Door.

Online Band Merchandise

Authentic and Exclusive Online Band Merchandise in Australia. Elevate Your Fan Experience with a Wide Range of Music-inspired Products and Collectibles, Delivered to Your Door.

What our valuable customers are saying about the brand.

Excellent service

I was amazed by the exceptional service I received from this company – they went above and beyond to ensure my needs were met with the utmost care and attention. Their dedication to excellence truly sets them apart, making them my top choice for any future needs.

Derek P
Amazing Piercing Experience

I hold an immense adoration for every aspect of this establishment. As someone with 7 piercings, every visit to them is a delight. The staff's warm demeanour, their consideration for pronouns and preferred names, and their unwavering dedication to ensuring both comfort and satisfaction during piercing placements have solidified my affinity. Punktured has truly won my heart.

Vanessa W
Great delivery services

The delivery services provided by this company are exceptional, consistently ensuring timely and efficient deliveries. Highly impressed with their commitment to great service.

Sarah Z
More then 30,000+ people trust Punktured.