Aurora Borealis Bejewelled Gold Nose Stud

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Aurora Borealis Bejewelled Gold Nose Stud
Product description

Our Aurora Borealis Bejeweled Gold Nose Stud, a meticulously crafted piece blending tradition and contemporary elegance. This exquisite accessory, made from gold coated Surgical Steek and adorned with a dazzling gemstone, adds a touch of sophistication to your look.


  • Material - 316L Grade Surgical Stainless Steel
  • Colours - Yellow Gold
  • Gemstones: Aurora Borealis Crystal
  • Gauge - 18 Gauge
  • Gem Size: 2.35mm
  • Steralised
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    NameAurora Borealis Bejewelled Gold Nose Stud
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    Please ensure you are selecting the correct Gauge/Length/Diameter for your individual piercing and anatomy. We cannot offer refunds or exchanges on wrong choice purchases. If you are unsure and able to, please see one of our Body Piercing team in our Punktured stores to get your piercing size checked and confirmed.
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